Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Goodbye Germany

With each pasisng day, the date when I say goodbye to Germany (hopefully not forever) comes closer. Just wanted to put down a few things that endeared me to this lovely country...things I am sure I will miss...
- The trains, buses and trams...
- May 1st, when all Germans go biking. I did too, this year.
- I can leave office at 4:00 PM and nobody bats an eyelid.
- and in less than 30 minutes, I am home.
- Neuer (New) Wine in the month of September
- The unpredictable April weather :-) One day I was wearing a Tee and it snowed.
- I can decide on a Friday night if I wanna breakfast in, say, Austria, on the following Sunday.
- Taking a stroll on the riverside in Heidelberg on Sunday evenings
- and having 'Koffee und Kuchen' in true local tradition
- The fun of visiting the shops even after closing time, thanks to the well lit shop windows.
- The ease of life, in general.
I can go on and on, but that's only going to depress me further, so now a days I have started thinking of what I can look forward to when I am back in India.
- Food, food and more food. Wanna visit all the restaurents in GGN/Delhi, especially street food vendors!
- Escape from Taliban (In my dictionary, Taliban is the synonym for dusting, cleaning, mopping, swabbing, during, cleaning,...the list goes on), thanks to bais...how I missed them.
- FDFS (for slow starters, First Day First Show). Can't wait to watch Saawariya and Om Shanti Om on the big screen amidts crowds that bajao seetis and udao ticket shreds in the air for item numbers or Hero/Heroine entry scene.
- Shopping in Delhi/Gurgaon....lots to discover. For instance, wanna make a trip to Chandni Chowk as soon as I get there.
- Travel in and around India - Rajashthan, Agra, Mussourie, Leh, Singapore,....
- and finally, the feeling of being in one's own country is something that can't be described in mere words.


Anskov said...

Dipole - your list reminded me of my visit to Heidelburg several years ago. Germany is such a beautiful country - I hope I can return there some day.

Dipole said...

Yeah, Germany is beautiful...I also hope I can return here some day.

Arvind said...

welcome back.

Namita said...

Oh I am so jealous about the food and FDFS part!!! :-(

Smita said...

Nice post nana...I loved Germany too:)...Btw I hope Palo Alto is on you list too:D:D...then u will have my food to look fwd to:)

Savur, Ananya said...

and you get me misty eyed :-)
Lovely post...tell me how u and Feroze are enjoying Gurgaon. Had the Delhi Puchkas yet? Or even the Paneer ...Yummm. Taj Mahal is still on my must-travel-in-this-lifetime list.