Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Knock Knock..Who's there? DON

'Don ka peecha toh barah mulkon ki police kar rahi hain, magar ek baat samajh lo. Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin, namumkin bhi hain'

Earlier, I did a post on the remake scene in Bollywood (this is not a politically correct term, but I don't want to type the very long term Hindi Film Industry every time I am referring to the Hindi Film Industry, Bollywood is just easier). I fleetingly touched on the Don remake. But now, being a Bollywood buff, I am all eager for the film's release, for a number of reasons. Farhan Akhtar, SRK, the awesome music, Boman Irani, the works.

Talking of the music, I only have this to say to SEL (duh!!? Shanker, Ehsaan and Loy) - You guys rock when it comes to your own compositions, and I forgive you KANK (that the koffee guy can be persistant in his demands is quite understandable). You even remix your own songs innovatively, but please leave the old classics untouched. Of all the tracks in the Album, I like 'Aaj Ki Raat', which is not a remix, the most, and I am looking forward to watching it on screen. It left me a very retro 'raat baaki baat baaki' feeling. The title song is really good too, with Shaan in good form again after Fanaa's Chand Sifarish (does anybody remember his 'Loveology' ?). The best part about the remixed 'Khaike Paan' is that they got SRK to sing/recite some of the lines, and he is a lot better than his 'Apun bola'. The track which lacks the most merit is 'Yeh Mera Dil' but I probably feel that way because I just can't get Asha Bhonsle out of my head. The rest of the tracks are the theme instrumental, remix of 'Main Hoon Don', and a medival punditz mix which is nostalgic.

Also listening to Woh Lamhe's soundtrack. Pritam is churning out hits after hits. This album has a few ghazals also. 'Bin Tere' is a hummable one, but 'Tu Jo Nahin' didn't impress me. After Gangster's 'Bheegi Bheegi' James returns with 'Chal Chale' which is a song about loving with gay abandon. KK is his usual awesome self in 'Kya yehi Pyar hain'. This will be as, if nor more, popular as 'Tu hi mera shab hain'. And then there is the slow romantic number 'So jaon main' sung by both Kunal Ganjawala and Shreya Ghosal. I have a massive crush on Shiney Ahuja and am looking forward to watching the film. The music is already a best seller.

I finally managed to watch KANK and here's my take - Both the ABs rocked. Preity, Arjun, Kiron were OK. But I couldn't tolerate Rani's weeping and SRK's scowling (even a die hard fan has limits, dude).

And the other filmi highlights of last week:

Being Cyrus - Dark, intriguing, funny.
JOQ: Why is Simone singh not in main stream cinema. Only a Karan Johar seems to want her. Nagesh Kukunoor, you listening?

Omkara - Mind blowing. No words can do justice.
JOQ: Does Vishal Bharadwaj have any openings for the position of an assistant?

Anthony Kaun Hain - Arshad Warsi rocks. The story line is interesting, but the ending was predictible.
JOQ: Isn't Sanjay Dutt tired of playing those Don/Killer/Gangster kind of roles? He can kiss these roles goodbye. He doesn't need them. He's got Munna bhai to play, like forever.

Chup chup ke - Priyadarshan has lost his touch. Neha needs to start shedding some clothes again if she wants to do any better. Shahid is good, but he can only be as good as the film, and cannot rise above the script. Everything about Sushma Reddy, her role, her costumes and her make up was sacrilege. Why on earth did she accept this film? But on the other hand, if my last film was called Chocolate where I played a reporter named 'Monsoon ', I would not mind playing third fiddle to Kareena, who, BTW, looked good and was tolerable since she was on mute. And lastly, Paresh Rawal needs to stop acting in every film that Priyadarshan offers.
JOQ: No more questions, your honor.

And there were others like Darwaja Bandh Rakho, Shaadi Kar Ke Phas Gaya that I wish I had given a miss.

Now I am looking forward to watching Bas Ek Pal and Dor.

P.S. Also 'Woh Lamhe'