Thursday, June 30, 2005

1000 Desires...

What does one desire from life? Happiness, relationships, money, fame....? How many of us actually desire something for others? I had a revelation few days back when I watched a film called "Hazaron Khwaishein Aisi". Just to clear things up, this is not a complete hindi film. In fact the main characters speak in English. Although not entertaining in the commercial sense, its a gripping and thought-provoking story. The story is about three friends, and their lifetime from college till....that's the thing, the story doesn't actually end. One can see what is in store for the three main characters long after the credits start pouring. The backdrop is a politically turbulent India of the 60s and 70s. Siddharth, righteous and fighting for a cause he believes in, Geeta who loves him and his ideals and then there's Vikram, who yearns for Geeta, yet knows its useless. So different are the three from one another that you wonder at their friendship.Siddharth, though from an affluent family, goes to the grass roots of Bihar to help the poor, oppressed lower classes and in turn becomes as outlaw. After a failed marriage with an IAS officer, Geeta follows Siddharth, works with the villagers alongside Siddharth, and even mothers his child. Vikram meanwhile has quickly gained money and power (not always by the honest means) and is titled "Business Tycoon" by the politicians who seek his help. In the midst of all the chaos, the three still meet once over a bottle of beer beside the river. They argue about morality, about success and about life. Yet they each do what they think they ought to do. Do Geeta and Siddharth succeed in their ambitions? Does Vikram actually know what he wants out of life? Answering these questions would be telling too much. I would end here by just stating that what seems like the best thing to do in one's youth doesn't always define the rest of the life. I think I have passed the age when I could have made any dangerous decisions, but I haven't really done anything to be proud of in Siddharth's book of right and wrong!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Back in Bangalore

Finally, I am back! After two months in US, I was more than ready to return to home. Although home didn't have the welcoming presence of my Husband (who is in Germany and just happened to be with the windmills in Netherlands around the time I landed), I caught up on my quota of sleep (actually much more than my quota!!). Dash and Madhu very nicely took me out to a south indian dinner where I had Brinjal curry cooked the Andhra way. Needless to say, it was HOT.
More on the US trip: Had an interesting time working for Forest Pharmaceuticals, the last week there was especially pleasant considering there was barbeque and a cruise!! I lived in Long Island and New York city which was one hour away was like my mecca. I landed up at Times Square every other weekend. The shops on Broadway, particularly Toys R Us, Virgin Records and Sephora will surely recognize me. For once, I was not a tourist with a camera, but someone just enjoying the city's sights and sounds. One of the weekends, watched a musical "All Shook Up", based on Elvis Presely's music, and the leading man, though nowhere close to the original king of pop, was certainly worth the $50 I paid for (both in sight and sound!!).
One other time in the city, I also made it to LOEWS Cinemas and watched KAAL, the experience of which is something I prefer to forget. After buying the ticket, I walked into an empty hall, and checked twice if indeed the movie was running there. After I sat down, one really shady looking guy walked in and sat 10 rows ahead. Of course I shifted to a seat nearest to the exit. The movie started and the whole time SRK was gyrating with Malaika, I was planning on what to do if the Shady Guy decides to mug me (this was before a family of three walked in, and I gave a sigh of relief). I vowed never to return back to LOEWS for a hindi movie.
The last weekend before I was to return, I paid NYC a visit (how could I not?). This time I decided to avoid the crowd and go to Central Park. It was glorious day and sitting in a lake in the middle of the park, with downtown Manhattan in the backdrop, I couldn't find fault with anything.
When not in New York city in the weekend, I paid a visit to a dear old friend in Chicago, attended my sister's graduation in Oregon (man, people here really do fuss about the kids in black graduation gowns) and got pampered staying with friends in New Jersey. All in all, not a bad trip at all!
Still, I am glad to be back.
Trivia: Long Island Ice Tea, did indeed originate from Long Island ;-)